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Button Explorer

The Button Explorer software allows a user to immediately begin receiving files from and sending files to a ButtonMemory ("button"), MiniButton ("button"), MicroButton ("button") or MegaButton ("button"). Button Explorer is designed to demonstrate the capabilities of a ButtonLink or Mega ButtonLink interface program and allow you to quickly and easily work with buttons. The Button Explorer program has a similar look and feel of the Windows Explorer interface with the following features:

MacSema SPSnet

MacSema's new version of SPS (known as "SPSnet") is the total solution for your guard tour operation. SPSnet is designed to ensure that your secured premises have been patrolled and generates custom reports to prove it. Give your security guard an electronic fingerprint that monitors and logs his activity while making rounds to the various assigned guard tour stations. It utilizes MacSema's extremely durable ButtonMemory® SPSnet is one of the easiest packages to use and has been designed specifically for the security industry. This system utilizes MacSema's ButtonWand and ButtonReader handhelds to deliver the highest level of integrity in data collection and verification.

MacSema Hierarchy

MacSema's Hierarchy Application uses a handhelds and bar codes or ButtonMemories to collect data. The data is downloaded to a simple text file that can be opened directly in a spread sheet or word-processing program, imported into your favorite database, or you can use MacSema's turnkey database program. The power and flexibility of the Hierarchy Application will benefit both end users and programmers because it is so quick and easy to learn! In addition, you control how data is displayed, you control the prompts that walk end users through the data-collection process, you control what data is to be downloaded, and you control how the data is to be formatted. The user guide provides complete instructions and examples to help you operate your application.

ATA Spec 2000

The MacSema ATA Spec2000 software is designed to: